What We Do
Publish your content to the new markets THE BALANCE is a game and E-comic(Webtoon) Publisher with a focus on reaching users Worldwide.
key members of THE BALANCE have more then 10 years working experience.
Alternative market
We provide a way of surviving as an indie developer Alternative Markets are operated by third-party companies such as local carriers. It is independent of the Google Play Store, Apple AppStore, and Amazon. Avoid red ocean markets that can survive only company who has a tremendous budget. And run into the Alternative market which gives you stable sales.
Google Play Korea
Korea is home to some of the world's most highly engaged gaming app consumers. Even though Korean Google Play markets are one of the biggest markets Global, most developers don't consider or have a hard time doing proper localization and just let go of their content which is not targeted at Asian users to the end of the life cycle. With us, you could have an opportunity to have higher sales and get back the life cycle of your game!
Nintendo Switch in Korea
Jump into the blue ocean market. Only 5% of the game title servicing in European E-shop are servicing in Korea E-shop which means the Korean Switch E-shop market can be treated as a blue ocean market. On the other hand, in Korea, the popularity of the Nintendo Switch is growing at a faster pace. With us, go over the hurdles and difficulties in the Asian market to make success.
What we offer Benefits working with us
Localization Not only the translation, but we also provide services optimized for the target market like remodeling the business model, customer service and etc.
Techinical support In addition to the technical support needed to publish in our target market, our development team is doing their best to support protecting your IP.
Marketing Efficient marketing with our know-how and partnership.
Settlement You can check the status and sales of your game transparently and conveniently through our own developer console called "AMS".
Work in process The general process for distribution.
Making Agreement Fair and balanced terms and conditions to our partners.
Preparing the build Efficient and simple guide to support technical issues.
Distribution Take care of your contents to be distributed safely in multiple markets with a build.
Settlement Through the "AMS", all the settlement progress is made easy and simple.
Our Achievements
+ 1400 Mobile
+ 100 Mobile
+ 80 Countries
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I'm in contact with Marc for almost 3 years. We are working on cross-publishing. We are used to having 2 calls per month and our relationship is always good and reactive. Then are able to provide all kinds of games Pauline Chauveau Key Account Manager at Plug in Digital

We managed OneStore directly in the past but it is not convenient as a foreign company to do so regarding marketing activities, technical support etc. We are glad to team-up with THE BALANCE since they can take care of everything. We recommend THE BALANCE for any foreign mobile game developer or publisher to generate extra revenue outside of Google Play and Apple AppSore. This is generally an untapped business and it is paying off well for us. CEO Xavier Liard

Our experience with THE BALANCE is always good. Looking forward to more games of ours published across THE BALANCE! We definitely recommend to work with The Balance if you want your premium games to be published and recognized on local stores in Korea. CEO Dmitry Bobrov

Working with The Balance is both pleasant and efficient. If you want additional distribution channels where your game can be published professionally and for free, just sign the contract and let them do their thing. Manager Marija Spasic

I'm lucky to get a partner like THE BALANCE for expanding my app reach beyond Google Play. All the employees of THE BALANCE are super friendly and very professional. All developers should not fully depend on Google Play for revenue. There are alternate markets where their apps could make good revenue. And in my case it's very difficult to directly search. With THE BALANCE the onboarding and submission process is simple and doesn't take much effort. C.E.O Jude John Tony
Console for THE BALANCE partner only. Here, you can find the current status and statistics of your content. Even the estimation of the future!
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